Whitley Memorial Baptist Church

     Thank you so much for visiting our web home. Please take a moment and look around. There is nothing fancy about our site, but hopefully it will give you a basic introduction to who we are.
        We would like to give you an invitation to visit our services. We are not a large church, but we would hope that you would find a warm spirit from a group of regular people striving to follow the Lord and glorify Him.  Bible preaching and teaching are emphasized and we have a desire to see people come to Jesus for salvation, believers grow in their faith, and partner together in a community of faith.
     Also, please let us encourage you to take the time to click on “The New Birth” link or the “God’s Bridge” link on the top and read this very important message. This will tell you about the greatest need of mankind and could lead to the most important decision of your life.
      Again, thanks for stopping by!

For more information call (615) 833-7414.

Pastor Scott Gillon

Please pray with us that our Father in heaven would be gracious and send an old fashioned revival to our land. But if revival is to come, it must start in the hearts of His people.   II Chronicles 7:14

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